Managed Service Remote Telemonitoring Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has a population of approximately 1.8 million people. Around two thirds of people aged 75 years or older in Northern Ireland are living with one or more chronic diseases. 69% of health and social care spend, 60% of all GP visits and 72% of acute hospital bed days are related to chronic disease.

Since 2011, over 4000 people with long term conditions in Northern Ireland have been referred to Tunstall remote telemonitoring, aggregating to 1.25 million monitored days. Monitoring services have successfully triaged alerts such that only 6% have escalated to clinical response.


  • 6 year contract 2011- 2017
  • 12 condition categories
  • 3,500 patients per annum
  • £18m investment
  • End-to-end clinical service
  • Integrated health and care delivery
  • 1.25m monitored days so far 

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Clinical outcomes

At discharge from the service, clinicians say that 83% of patients achieved or partially achieved the targeted clinical outcomes. A survey of 100 patients in 2014 showed that:

  • 98% found the triage nurse helpful
  • 95% of patients agree that the service has assisted them with better self-management
  • 95% believe the service has improved their health
  • 86% believe that they have reduced health care professional visits
  • 84% believe that they have reduced GP visits
  • 79% believe that they have reduced A&E visits

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Economic outcomes

TF3 has so far provided over 1.25 million monitored patient days (to July 2015). The telemonitoring service provides more and better targeted proactive support to patients, which enables them to:

  • Have greater control
  • Learn more about their condition
  • Live more independent lives

It also provided timely information to professionals to inform patient-centred case management, enabling:

  • Improvements in the quality of care and quality of life for patients
  • Reductions in inpatient admissions
  • Optimised use of staffing resources

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