Innovations in Denmark - The Dementia Ring

The freedom to spend time outside is beneficial to physical and mental health, however for people with dementia living in residential care environments these benefits need to be balanced with ensuring safety.

How has the Dementia Ring helped residential care schemes allow the people they support the freedom to enjoy outside space without compromising their safety or requiring additional staff to observe them?


  • The Dementia Ring is formed by laying cables underground around the borders of a residential scheme’s grounds.
  • Residents wear a discreet, lightweight device on their wrist, around their neck or in their pocket which will raise an alert on a staff dect phone if the resident walks beyond the Dementia Ring.
  • Staff can access an online portal to view alerts raised on the Dementia Ring, and are able to individually identify residents using the system.
  • The Dementia Ring is currently being used at various locations in Denmark, including two care centres in Hedensted municipality.

Download the case study.


  • Residents with dementia are able to enjoy time outdoors independently
  • Staff, family and friends are assured that the resident is safe and has choice
  • Web access enables staff to view patterns of behaviour in individual residents
  • Minimally invasive installation

Download the case study

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