Company Profile

Society is facing increasing health and social care challenges resulting from an ageing population and an increasing prevalence of long-term conditions, and technology is key to addressing these challenges.

Elderly couple  enjoying life

Tunstall has a unique set of capabilities, which allows us to respond to these challenges. Our strategy is to use smart technology underpinned by high quality, high touch services to provide enhanced care in the home for older people and those with long-term conditions.

Tunstall Healthcare Group supports millions of people across 51 countries, offering a range of Connected Care and Connected Health solutions that enable more efficient and effective care.

Tunstall has a number of key differentiators that underpin its strength in the market:

Domain knowledge and understanding of our markets

60 years of experience delivering health, housing and social care solutions

A global footprint and leadership position in key markets

Direct operations in six regions, with market leadership positions across Europe

Embedded relationships across health and social care

Relationships and partnerships with end users and key stakeholders, giving Tunstall ‘access to the home’

Ability to connect stakeholders in multiple environments

Expertise in IP and mobile solutions, integrated into a variety of care and health settings, enabling interactions across these environments

Experience in providing high touch, value adding services

Solutions adapted to user needs providing high touch, high quality services, supporting the ‘connected person’