Growth Strategy

There are a number of market trends that present significant opportunities for Tunstall to be at the forefront of innovation.

1. Growth in IP-connected users, and the emergence of an ‘Internet of Things’

The shift to internet protocol (IP) connected devices is removing constraints on connectivity, enabling our smart care functionality to be deployed more widely with greater benefits to users and carers, and making the vision of the Connected Home a reality.

2. New models of care driven and supported through managed services

Building on experience and increasing footprint of managed services, proactive care services and enhanced delivery through

  • End to end coordination of services
  • Active involvement in pathway and process redesign phases
  • Multi-year contracts
  • Shared outcome incentives with flexibility in commercial models

3. Increased provision of healthcare in the home through remote patient monitoring and support

In Connected Health, we are helping to improve access, efficiency and quality of healthcare; Tunstall focuses on a set of Remote Patient Monitoring & Support and NurseCall propositions delivering “near real time” solutions.

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