Connected Health Solutions

Tunstall’s focus is to provide services involving the deployment of medically-approved devices, generating accurate, actionable, clinically reliable data, supported by expert clinical advice, and/or general support, as appropriate.

The diagrams below give a visual view of our solutions in action. 

Remote patient monitoring and patient support enable more efficient management of long term conditions 

Enabling timely, accurate and efficient management of chronic conditions, through the remote monitoring of health parameters and the delivery of targeted clinical support that improves health programme compliance.

  • patient hub
  • monitoring devices


  • Accurate health data collection
  • Improved clinical decision-making
  • Ease of referral to remote monitoring
  • Health monitoring to prioritise care interventions
  • Efficiencies through caseload and visit optimisation
  • Accurate health data collection
  • Improved clinical decision-making
  • Technical triage of remotely monitored data
  • Monitor key indicators and treatment compliance
  • Proactive contact with patients to support treatment
  • Patient liaison for home visits and hospital appointments
  • Reassurance of regular monitoring
  • Expert patient
  • Improved access to care professionals
  • Mobile apps support self-management
  • Patient data visible to family carers
  • Improved care quality through alternative care model delivery
  • Operational efficiencies – assisted discharge, reduced emergency admissions
  • Accurate health data collection

Integrated NurseCall Systems support clinical teams in providing efficient and high quality care

Enabling efficient acute care, by helping patients and clinicians to alert and respond to patient needs in hospitals.

  • central ward control
  • nursecall room terminal
  • patient devices


  • Flexible control between ward and centre
  • Integration with hospital data systems
  • Efficient use of resources – accurate response to patient need
  • Virtual wards through flexible room allocation by condition
  • Clinician room presence and call routing
  • Patient alerts and communication with nurses
  • Cancel at source functionality
  • Improved response to support requests
  • Room environment and entertainment control
  • Integrated telephony
  • Informed response through voice communication
  • Real-time escalation of clinician calls
  • Calls routed dependent on clinician location
  • Flexible call routing – day/night

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